Saturday, December 09, 2017


Favourable comments have been received about  new LED street lights installed by North Lincolnshire Council along Barnard Avenue and Cary Lane.
This was mentioned by the authority's leader, Coun Rob Waltham, when he gave his latest update on the work of North Lincolnshire Council.
He mentioned lighting during the latest monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council, of which he is also a member.
North Lincolnshire, as the highways authority, has a rolling programme to replace traditional lamps across the district with LEDs which use a lot less electricity and therefore help the public purse to which local residents' council tax contributes.
To many of us who are laymen in terms of street lighting, the LED lamps appear to give off a white glow, rather than the old variety's yellow hue.

Read more about the street light replacement programme through this link...
North Lincolnshire Council recently took prompt action to deal with fault street lights on Glanford Road, Queen Street and St Helen's Road.
However, one lamp on St Helen's Road - we think it's labelled No 9 - has been "out" for many months. It has been reported and commented on by Brigg Blog a number of times. The location is close to the turn-off into Hedgerow Lane.

The picture above, taken around 7am one morning this week outside Wilko's store, shows the lights on Cary Lane.
Coun Rob Waltham in the Angel Suite, Brigg, where the Town Council holds its monthly meetings.


Ken Harrison said...

........a number of the traditional lamps in the Market Place are out of's a good word..I could have invented the term; 'electricity-synchronicity'...anyway, a number seem to on during the day and off during the dark hours....and it be end only has to look at long past Crimbo Fair photos and the same lights are affected.
Methinks that the timing is got confused and is skewed about +- 12 hrs....

Ken Harrison said...

It may be interesting to note, Nige, but I can remember the time in the 1970's when the sodium street lighting was that time - they were cheaper to use....Now we have the next generation, LED...even cheaper and emit an white light, which allows colours in the environment to same.
The orange glow of sodium lamps distorts the colour is difficult for example, to tell the difference between a red and green car...
Now for a bit of education about the colour spectrum...
Why are the curtains in a theatre/cinema often coloured red?
Answer: In the human eye, the colour red is the first colour to lose its impact in darkened conditions...hence, red curtains don't cause a distraction while watching Star Wars!