Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Ongo - the social landlord for North Lincolnshire - has been given permission to build on a vacant plot of land that will be familiar to many Brigg Blog followers who were educated in the town.
Ongo Homes Ltd has now been granted permission to erect a detached bungalow with associated boundary treatments and landscaping.
The location is between West Square, East Parade and Glebe Road, adjoing the former County Primary School.

The site of the former council lock-up garages, since demolished. Brigg County Primary School was on the left, where the fence now marks the boundary with a cul-de-sac housing development.

The bungalow to be built has been "reduced in size" from what was originally proposed.
Eight years ago Brigg Blog reported the demolition of former lock-up, council-owned garages and clearance of this site.
In more recent times we wondered why no plans had followed to do something useful with this vacant parcel of land.
Then, several months ago, Ongo submitted a planning application to do just that.
The property  will be suitable for a family having a disabled member and is categorised as sheltered housing.
A report prepared by North Lincolnshire Council about the application said: "The site is in an established residential area which mainly consists of two-storey properties; however, as the proposed dwelling is designed to provide accessible living accommodation, it is not considered that the design is inappropriate in the area.
"The site is accessed of East Parade, which is a no through road, but also has a boundary with Glebe Road.
"The proposed dwelling is set away from boundaries with neighbouring dwellings, but being single storey, its impact on residential amenity will be minimal, as no overlooking or loss of light due to over shadowing will be created. Adequate parking provision and private amenity space will be provided within the site.
"Initial consultations revealed issues in relation to the location of drains and sewers across the site, but these matters have now been resolved, and an amended layout submitted to move the dwelling away from existing drains."
Brigg Town Council supported the proposal.

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