Wednesday, December 06, 2017


The arrival of metal arches at courtyard entrances in Brigg town centre, as a guide to visiting shoppers, has moved a step closer.
Following public consultation and various discussions by a working group, the arches project has been adopted "subject to funding" and Brigg Town Council will now look into the cost of insurance.
Money will be set aside for the arches when the council draws up its budget for the 2018/19 financial year.
Proposing this course of action at the council's latest meeting, Coun Rob Waltham said it was best not to mention a figure at this stage. It was hoped to find some "alternative funding."
The arches will not be fixed to buildings in the town centre and will be free-standing.

PICTURED: An impression of how one of the arches might look to shoppers on Wrawby Street.


Ken Harrison said...

Yes-overall, a very attractive idea...but, much should be done before the signs are erected.
If the aim is to both improve the ambience of the town and offer visitors a guide to the access points to the high street from the car park, we don't want to be guiding visitors via some of the grotty passageways. Apart from the Hungry Fisherman, for example, would a visitor be impressed with Coney Court?
The powers-that-be need to be selective..once they resolve litter problems, commercial bins and general eyesores of some passageways, don't make the scheme comprehensive to all the passageways...

Paul said...

Removing some of the graffiti down some of the passages would be helpful too

Ken Harrison said...

QUITE.....some, if not most of the passageways are privately owned.....perhaps there needs to be some official incentive to improve their character....a cup for the most beautiful; a certificate for the best brickwork and a diploma for the most sweet-smelling!!