Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Pictured in September - one of the green bikes in Brigg beside the race route.
In late summer, North Lincolnshire Council announced that, in preparation for the Tour of Britain 2017 cycling race which whizzed through our area on  September 5, it had given out more than 250 old bicycles to be painted green and decorated to welcome the riders.
The authority said that "communities across North Lincolnshire really got behind the Tour of Britain and hundreds of green bicycles lined our streets to welcome the riders."
Three months later, some  of the cycles have been removed but others are still beside local roads.
Are they to remain as permanent reminders of the showpiece race which generated a great deal of positive publicity for North Lincolnshire?
Or is there a deadline for their removal?
You can see a couple beside the A18 in Brigg and there's another at Barton Road End, Wrawby, we passed on foot a few days ago.
The council has many more important things to attend to, but Brigg Blog does not think the bikes are intended to be permanent fixtures.
Additions to roundabouts, including advertisement signs, require planning approval.
More about the green bikes through this link...

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