Friday, December 29, 2017



More than 100 businesses have accepted an invitation to the launch of a North Lincolnshire Ambassador programme early in the New Year – and more are welcome.
The event, at Forest Pines, pictured, on Thursday, 18 January, at 7.30am, has been organised by The North Lincolnshire Place Marketing Board, which includes representatives from the construction sector, professional services, retail, advertising, heavy industry and manufacturing, as well as North Lincolnshire Council.
Its focus is to promote the region and help attract greater inward investment.
The Ambassador programme asks businesses to sign up to a scheme to become advocates for North Lincolnshire, collectively celebrating and championing the strength and depth of the economy, the skills base available and the infrastructure which will support investment.
Businesses will be able to find out more at the January launch.
As part of the programme the council’s economic development team will be reshaping the North Lincolnshire Business Networking events, creating an online depository of marketing material and literature and working together to promote the region nationally and internationally.
Cllr Rob Waltham MBE (Brigg & Wolds),  the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We’re really pleased with the response to the invitations but there is room for many more.
“I’m delighted businesses have come together to take on the role of positioning North Lincolnshire as one of the best places in the UK for economic success and enterprise, as well as a great place for families to live and grow.
“We are keen to attract inward investment and secure better paid jobs for our residents going forward.”
Nina Stobart, from Phillips 66, chairs the board and thanked those who are supporting the programme.
She said: “North Lincolnshire Ambassadors are just that, a group of people who are fed up with the area we all live and work in being knocked; we want to show what a wonderful place it is.
“We are surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty, we have strong businesses from family-run butchers to global industrial giants, education which we should be shouting from the roof tops about and most of all we have a diverse and passionate population.
“Everyone I mention makes our county what it is."
To make sure your business is represented at the launch, book your place at and search for North Lincolnshire.

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