Sunday, December 24, 2017


The monthly level of crime in Brigg has increased again.
Latest statistics issued through reveal that 63 crimes were reported in November 2017 - four more than during October.
The area covered is within a one-mile radius of Brigg town centre, which includes neighbouring parts of Scawby and Broughton parishes.
The categories are as follows:

  • Anti-social behaviour 9
  • Bicycle theft     1
  • Burglary 5
  • Criminal damage and arson 5
  • Drugs    0
  • Other crime     1
  • Other theft 4
  • Possession of weapons     0
  • Public order     5
  • Robbery    0
  • Shoplifting 11
  • Theft from the person 1
  • Vehicle crime 1
  • Violence and sexual offences 20
As usual, the majority of crimes reported (21)  took place within the town centre.
There were nine others on the Springbank housing estate and six in the Newlands area.
Five crimes were reported on the Water's Edge estate, which is in Broughton parish.
View the map giving the locations of all crimes through this link...

By way of comparison, there were only 36 crimes in Brigg during November 2016 and 34 reported in November 2015.
Brigg Blog was pleasantly surprised to receive November's crime figures a couple of weeks earlier than expected.
This is perhaps related to Christmas and New Year being on the horizon.
But the obvious question is: If they can be placed in the public domain on the 20th of the month this time, why can't we get them that early every month?

If we happen to meet Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter and/or Chief Constable Lee Freeman in the new year we will be putting that question to them.
However, we think the statistics are collated and posted centrally, rather than at local level.