Saturday, December 09, 2017


A formal group picture of Brigg Town Council is taking periodically, featuring councillors and staff lined up in the Angel Suite.
At their latest meeting, councillors were asked to consider whether such a  photograph should be taken for 2018.
Coun James Truepenny noted that in the past a picture had tended to be arranged after the election of a new council.
Coun Carl Sherwood was firmly of the opinion there should be no picture this time.
The council agreed to leave the matter of whether to have one taken until 2019 - election year.
Following that May's election, Brigg Town Council will have nine councillors rather than the current 19, which will certainly make for a tighter group as far as the photograph is concerned.
That's if the newly-elected Town Council decides  one should be taken.

The number of town councillors has been reduced following a community governance review by North Lincolnshire Council.

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Ken Harrison said...

.....that means we lose 53 percent of our unpaid BTC councillors.
Apparently, the community supported the drastic reduction....I knew it was being discussed, but I didn't receive any voting papers, which were alleged to have been sent to every household, (not individual) to express my who is the Brigg community who supported the notion?
Can I asked how many Brigg households actually responded to this voting paper..and what percentage of local households would that be?