Sunday, April 16, 2017


Time stood still in Brigg last week. Or very nearly did...
For the town's No 1 and most prominent timepiece was out of action.
We first noticed the problem with the clock on the tower above the Buttercross as we walked along Wrawby Street early on Monday morning.
The clock was showing 7.31am but it was not quite 7am when we passed by.
We inquired of North Lincolnshire Council, which owns and operates the Buttercross, and received confirmation that it knew about the problem and that engineers were going to take a look.
Observations on different days later in the week showed the hands had moved but suggested the clock was still not functioning correctly.
Having lived in Brigg for more than 60 years, and visited most places in the town, we have to admit we've never been up the clock tower at the Buttercross. So we can't give an indication of the clock's age.
We hope very much that this proves to be a minor glitch. Many people - ourselves included - make a point of glancing at this clock while visiting the town centre.
The Buttercross is now approaching its 200th anniversary and houses the award-winning Tourist Information Centre, as well as a lavish function suite above.
It's a grade two listed landmark within the Conservation Area.


Ken Harrison said...

Relatively speaking, Nige..what relationship did the clock have with the bell (now on plinth in front of TIC) the past, did the clock operate the bell, (originally,in a small, open enclosure, on the eastern side)or was the bell stand-alone,....and, therefore, what purpose did it serve, relatively speaking, of cause?

Ken Harrison said...

.....a stopped clock is more accurate than a clock that loses 1 second every least, the stopped clock gives the correct time twice a day....