Friday, April 28, 2017


The official race route for a major cycling event coming to North Lincolnshire has yet to be confirmed, North Lincolnshire Council is stressing.
Soon after Brigg Blog posted news about the event very early on Wednesday morning, without the route included, people were sharing links on social media to what were suggested to be the race route, showing it heading through Brigg for interested townsfolk to watch.
We raised this with the council. However, a spokeswoman for the authority made it clear: "We are holding a local launch event in Brigg on 6 May to announce the route that the riders will take around North Lincolnshire. 
"The maps that are available online show an outline route but this isn't the official route. 
"At the launch event we will announce all the locations that the cyclists will pass through."
Brigg Blog has been told we're on the list for an invitation to the launch in Brigg next week.
Here's a link to our earlier post which gives extensive details about the OVO Energy Tour of Britain...

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