Saturday, April 29, 2017


Brigg Town Council is reviewing the current scale of charges for hiring its Angel Suite community venue.
This looks like including comparisons with alternative facilities available locally.
Since the mid-1990s the Angel Suite has been available to individuals, groups, families and companies to book for a wide range of uses, including after-wedding functions, meetings, formal dinners and celebrations of various kinds.
There is a fully-fitted kitchen and a bar (pictured below), which can be opened for use when required.
A review of charges was listed on the agenda at the Town Council's April meeting, held at the venue on Monday evening.
Coun Rob Waltham suggested councillors needed more time - perhaps several months - to consider a detailed issue.
Coun Deb Dunderdale thought that, overall, the hire charges seemed expensive.
Coun Mike Storey felt the council would need to consider how often the Suite was used and by whom. The review needed to take a "business-driven" approach, while taking into account community useage.
"We have really got to look at this very carefully," he added.
Coun Chris Dyson said they needed to know what other venues were charging.
Coun Jane Kitching said collecting such information would be "a big task" taking some time.
Deputy Town Clerk, Alison Hannath, said the cost of staging a wedding-related function at the Angel was 'reasonable' compared to some others.
Coun Waltham's proposal to defer the review of charges for debate at a future meeting was agreed. 


Ken Harrison said...

Why should it be 'a big task' to collate comparable charges?
Apart from such Brigg-based venues, such as St John's Hall and included the cost of hiring village halls in Scawby, Wrawby, Broughton and Hibaldstow the process should be achievable within a couple of hours on the 'phone.
Perhaps the 'business driven' aspect of the Angel Suite needs to be thinking outside the box.
For example, a wedding reception isn't just eating, drinking and making speeches....where can the wedding party take photos?
The outside courtyard is decide my scruffy, weeds growing in the cracks and needs a jolly good power wash. Meanwhile, the other side is festooned with graffiti, which has been there years.
The inside of the Angel Suite is very attractive, but the hard, pale walls unfortunately leave invariable flash shadow in photos ....easily resolved by creating a section of soft, dark fabric, which breaks up the consequences of flash's not rocket science!
NYC have 'ownership' of the nearby Millenium Green....could part of this open space be incorporated into the Angel Suite's business plan?
Similarly, functions often involves kids...what facilities are available for fractious and bored children?
Again, the Millenium Green could offer a solution to this dilemma..
There is also an inherent audible problem in the Angel Suite....the electric fan heaters rattle and can and do drown out a speaker's comments.

Ken Harrison said...

NYC should read BTC...I blame this pre-emptive text thing for making New York City the owner for part of Brigg.....on second thoughts, that may be good idea!