Friday, April 21, 2017


We are very pleased to report that the landmark clock in Brigg town centre is showing the correct time once again.
It was out of action for some days, but North Lincolnshire Council, which owns the Buttercross, has got the hands moving again ahead of tomorrow's monthly Farmers' Market.
Those who reckon time stands still in historic Brigg please take note!
They started building the Buttercross in 1817 and the Elwes family - major local land and property owners - were central to it being added in the Market Place. 
We've now asked North Lincolnshire Council for details about the clock and its most recent repair.


Ken Harrison said...

Since the clock stopped, I've gone back in time to 1952 and speaking to you using it was started in 1817.....that'll be 200 years in 2017....Will Brigg celebrate....?
Must go, Nige..just seen myself in infant school doing sums....!

Ken Harrison said...

Is it a coincidence that the Buttercross clock tower has a TIC underneath it?
That may be the problem making it stop..Niggle..there's a TIC, but no TOC!!