Wednesday, March 03, 2010


At Brigg Youth Centre, on Grammar School Road, permission is being sought from North Lincolnshire Council planners to erect a 'sure start nursery' including the demolition of two outbuildings and the refurbishment of the main building.
Meanwhile, listed building consent to remove an existing spiral staircase and replace it with a conventional timber staircase at 5 Manor House Convent, Bigby Street, has been granted.


Ken Harrison said...

I've said it b4 and I'll say it again.....describe a spiral staircase without moving one hands!!!

Ken Harrison said...

By chance, in the Black Horse, I met an (very) attractive young lady who used to live at No.5, Manor House.
She was surprised to hear that the spiral staircase was being removed.
She explained that No 5 was a Victorian extension of the Elwes Manor House and below the staircase was a tunnel.
Indeed, it seems that there were various priest holes about the Manor House.
The Elwes later moved to Elsham Hall...according the the (very) attractive young lady as trustees and surrendered the Manor House to the Order of St Clare.
Another interesting snippet she mentioned.....the altar in St John's faces the 'wrong' way. Why?