Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My name is Jean Dickinson and as part of a course with Hull University I have to look into House History. I decided to look into the Nursery (which included the Roman Catholic Chapel) set up by my husband's grandfather at Silversides, thinking (hoping) that I might get a wealth of information locally and whereas that has been true of many people's recollections I cannot find any 'hard' proof that it existed, other than a photograph printed in Dr. Frank Henthorn's book on 19th Century Brigg and the same one printed in Edward Dodd's book on the history of Catholicism in Brigg.
I have been in touch with the Roman Catholic Diocese at Nottingham, but they couldn't give me any more information than that which is included in both books.
What I would really like is a picture of the original house (but any information is most welcome) which I think was built for the priests Peter and Thomas Moulin in the 1810s, with the Chapel being built in 1815.
I would also be interested in any information about the Nursery, particularly from when the Roman Catholic Chapel fell into disuse to when the Dickinsons took over. I thought that was when they moved to Silversides in 1890/1 but now I am not so sure about that date as in the 1901 census a family called Welton lived at the 'Catholic Villa' and two people have told me that the Dickinsons lived in Victoria Cottages prior to living at the Nursery.
According to one person these cottages were built in 1892 and I would like to verify that if possible. The Dickinson family lived in Silversides by that time so I would like to find out where exactly the did live if possible.
Email Jean now through this link JEAN DICKINSON or call her on 01652 654311.

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gmsmith said...

John and Val Holland have possibly the most extensive photograph and postcard collection of Brigg . I'm sure Nigel would be able to put you in contact with them .