Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Could this be Brigg's newest town centre tourist attraction - a water feature?
The totally unexpected County Bridge talking point presumably comes courtesy of our water-provider.
It appears a pipe on the side of the bridge has sprung a Spring leak. It's dead centre, next to the tablet carrying the Lindsey County Council initials. But although Brigg Blog is seeking to make an amusing tale out of what may be a trivial observation, there is a serious side. For the press is again running stories about how much water leaks are costing consumers. It's not the Town Council's job to tip off water company bosses about leaks, but we've passed the information on, just in case the authority knows who to contact.

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Ken Harrison said...

Trust the council to think logically.....I would have got a scally to change the top with one with controllable, rotational, multi-jets.......with a bit of computer sychronisation, we could have had piped Handel's Water Music accompanied with dancing waters...and with a bit more adjustment it could have given an unexpected squirt towards the local yobbos!!
Think out the loop in future!!!