Friday, March 27, 2015


They have started work on creating the new footpath and cycle way in Brigg – close to the River Ancholme towpath.
But although only part of it has been laid, and this has yet to be finished, people are already using the new route.
We’ve  observed pedestrians and cyclists enjoying the facility at times when the workmen were not on site.
The aim is to forge a way through the Wold Villages to South Ferriby, where the Ancholme joins the mighty River Humber.
There has been a bit of concern about the apparently severe cutting back of hedges in Brigg to make way for the path.
However, a close inspection by Brigg Blog at the weekend revealed coppicing, which means the hedge will growing back, and   new saplings planted inside protective covers so they do not get eaten by wildlife before  becoming established.
The footpath/cycle way is much wider than we’d envisaged, and the stretch we examined, close to the sewage works and Atherton Way, is not as close to the river as some may have thought it was going to be.

We are expecting that the fragments of wood seen here after the hedge-lopping will all be collected and the area tidied up, once work has been completed.

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