Monday, March 16, 2015


Freeman of Brigg, Tom Glossop
The St John's Brigg Mothers' Union has an interesting programme for 2015.
Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, in the Church Hall, Bigby Street, at 2pm.
TOMORROW - MARCH 17: Rita Bacon - Scunthorpe to Harley Street & Return.
APRIL 21: Ann Spolton - Travels.
MAY 19: Gordon Plum - Stained Glass.
JUNE 16: Summer Garden Party, 12 Eastfield Road, Brigg.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 1: Annual Outing - St Hilda's Priory, Whitby.
JULY 21: Tom Glossop - Brigg Fair (Tom is a Freeman of the town).
SEPTEMBER 15: Sparkle & Stuff.
OCTOBER 20: Members' Meeting - Diaries & Cards, with Dorothy Newton and Ann Loom.
NOVEMBER 17: Mike Cole - Mind & Memory.
DECEMBER 15: Bring & Share - Readings, Prayers, Carols.

The February meeting was Shoeboxes, with Brian Clark, of Immingham.

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Ken Harrison said...

It is often suggested that Brigg Fair originated in 1205 when King John granted Hugh Nevil a charter.
However, the Pipe Rolls (a type of tax record) of the period indicates that while Nevil was granted the charter, the landowner, his father-in-law, Stephen de Camera started the fair some 20 years earlier - circa 1185.
Indeed, de Camera established the settlement of Glanford, as recorded in Pipe Rolls, in 1183 - probably as a Medieval planned new town - ie defined sized/located plots, rather than haphazard growth..
King John was desperate for cash and granting Royal Charters ensured that he could claim his commission, or tax from approved royal events.
One mystery is who Stephen de Camera was.....there is no traced mention of him b4 his mention of being in Glanford...