Saturday, March 07, 2015


A previous Annual Town Meeting, in the Angel Suite, being addressed by Coun The Rev Alec Depledge.

Public Question Time is included within the meetings of Brigg Town Council, in the Angel Suite, every month. This is to allow members of the public to raise issues with our elected representatives. 
With the notable exception of Ken Harrison, who often attends, few people exercise this democratic right.
Once a year, something bigger takes place - the Brigg Annual Town Public Meeting. And 2015's will be held on Monday, March 23, from 7.30pm, in the Angel Suite.
This will include a report delivered by the Town Mayor about what Brigg Town Council has achieved, and provided for the community, during the previous 12 months.
We can also expect an update from our Brigg & Wolds Ward councillors on the North Lincolnshire authority - Couns Nigel & Carl Sherwood and Coun Rob Waltham. The Footpath Warden, and others, will also deliver reports. It is likely the police will be in attendance, unless a 'call for service' is being dealt with.
But following the reports, this meeting will be for the public to say what they think and ask questions.
Attendances at annual town meetings are not  what you'd expect in a town of our size. But hopefully the one coming up later this month will see a good turn-out.
If you are planning to go along, please note that entry to the Angel Suite at night is through the Rotunda (conservatory-like building) at the back, adjoining the car park.
The Angel Suite's main room, where this meeting is to be held, is up the stairs as you enter from the Rotunda (lift available to the left of the foyer).

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Ken Harrison said...

According to BTC they have a 'modern fit-for purpose website.....carrying loads of information'.
Consequently, why aren't BTC's meeting agendas published on this website?
Similarly, why can' t Brigg Blog carry the agenda of a forthcoming meeting?
At the moment, an agenda is almost treated as a is published and displayed in an strategically obscure notice board behind the Angel.....and when I've asked for a copy as a member of the public at a BTC meeting, I been variously been informed that I'm not allowed to have one...or that there is no enough to go round..