Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yesterday's Brigg Blog post about Ancholme Artists and Broughton Art For All set us thinking about the old Brigg Grammar School art room, which many of our followers with remember.
It was housed in a converted workshop which had been stables long ago. 
The art room was located on the opposite side of Grammar School Road and has long been demolished. The site is now used for car parking.
Alan Turner was the art master in the 1960s, being succeeded by Mr Ramsay late in the decade.
The Brigg Grammar School Model Railway Club's impressive layout ran down one wall of the art room. We think the master in charge of the club may have been Mr Slack. The layout's terminus was called either Middle Rasen or Market Rasen. For the benefit of the model railway buffs among you, it was 00-gauge.
The art room back then was heated by a rather hit-and-miss coke stove. The place was a bit draughty or stuffy, depending on the time of year. Bohemian is perhaps a fitting word to describe it.
Health and safety would surely have ruled out its use for teaching today. 
Mr Ramsay's expert explanation of perspective was lost on some of us. Indeed, when the time came to start dropping weaker subjects, art and woodwork were the first we gave up. 
A well-supported playgroup (Busy Bees?) took on the building some years later after better art facilities were provided within the main school. 
Can anyone say when the old art room was demolished? 

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