Sunday, March 22, 2015


Tony Knight, dog listener to famous Aussies, shared his advice with local schoolchildren on how to be safe around dogs.
He gained the title of Australian TV’s Celebrity Dog Listener while helping celebrities on Australian TV with their doggy dilemmas. After completing filming for Australian TV, he is now back to his roots in the UK to launch his new TV show on Estuary TV ‘Think Like a Dog’, resolving behavioural issues of pets in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
With the majority of dog bites taking place in the home and mainly involving young children, Tony took time out from filming to help children feel safer around their own pets and those they meet in the street.
His visit to Broughton Primary School on Thursday (19 March) was during assembly and will be interactive and allowed children to learn the "do’s and dont's" of being around dogs.
Tony Knight said: “I work hard to spread the message of the Amichien Bonding method, founded by my mother, for dog owners to get the very best out of their dog, without having to resort to the things that for dog lovers, go against the grain – including gizmos, gadgets, violence or enforced dominance.”
Coun Rob Waltham (Brigg & Wolds), Cabinet Member for People at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “I think it is important that children know how to be safe around dogs, what to do and what not to do – to ensure they get the most out of their pets and know the how to behave around them."
Brigg Blog seems to recall that Tony's mum worked in our town for some years.
You can pick up Estuary TV in Brigg by visiting Freeview Channel 8.

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