Tuesday, March 17, 2015



Fingers crossed that the sky will be clear in Brigg during Friday (20th March) morning.
It won't be the end of the World - a precursor to Armageddon - just a solar eclipse.
The Earth, Moon and Sun will be almost in direct alignment as viewed from Brigg and the Moon just after the start of morning school time will cover about 85 percent of the Sun.
If viewed from Norway, or the Faeroe Islands there will be a total solar eclipse, but the Humber partial solar eclipse will still remain impressive.
From the Brigg area, the eclipse will start from about 8.30am - reaching its maximum cover at about 9.35am and finish at 10.45am.  Only a narrow crescent at the bottom of the Sun will avoid the eclipse.
But be careful - direct sunlight is dangerous, so avoid looking directly at the Sun.
It is difficult to forecast the weather in five days time, but the BBC weather guy has just hinted that it could become warmer with clearer skies later in the week - so keep your toes crossed, as well!

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