Thursday, March 05, 2015


Here's Chris Darlington, promoting the  Recruitment Fair being held today (Thursday, 5th March) between 10am and 2pm in the Angel, off the Market Place.
The Fair is offering help in such areas as mock interviews; compiling a CV; self-employment and how to 'get on-line'. Interested?  
Ken Harrison, who took this  picture of Chris at the farmers' market on Saturday, suggests there is a there a need for a more permanent town-type crier - a recognisable  Brigg mascot who is both able to entertain and inform Brigg's visitors to the town's many attractions and scheduled events.
"Similarly, and supporting the town-clowning role, is there a need for proper, state-of-art display boards?" Ken asks.
"It is an unfortunate truism that many things happen in Brigg - but many fail to reach their full potential owing to poor promotional impact.
"If I were given a penny for each time I've heard, 'I would have gone to that, but I didn't (know) (forgot) it was on!'  - then I could have retired to the Caribbean with my yacht and big cigars years' ago.
"However good a Brigg event is, it is as only as good as its advertising......"

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