Monday, March 09, 2015


Late one afternoon recently we took a  short walk in Brigg, from the Lidl store car park towards the town centre.
We noted anglers, dog-walkers and people out for a stroll, heading towards Castlethorpe.
We then stopped the read this public notice.
It says North Lincolnshire Council has made an Order  to prohibit any pedestrian from proceeding along the length of Public Footpath 30 from Ancholme Way to within 100 metres of the bridge under the M180.
This prohibition is for safety reasons  while resurfacing works are being undertaken and is effective for six months “or until the works are completed.”
The notice ends by saying: “There is no alternative route.”
The new, improved towpath being created to South Ferriby is very welcome and the Order quite understandable on health and safety grounds. But who is “policing”  the path while the restriction is in place? 

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Unknown said...

alternative route via atherton way,europa way behind funforest.