Thursday, March 26, 2015


Brigg Blog has mentioned before that it would be a good idea for someone from North Lincolnshire Council to take a pot of paint and draw a couple of white lines on the lay-bay opposite the old Post Office, in Bigby Street, to create defined short-stay parking bays.
Since we last posted on this topic we've seen sundry examples of vehicles being parked in the middle, removing a useful parking spot or two for some would-be shopper(s), depending on the length of car they drive.
The council has bays painted on the side of the slip road immediately in front of Hewson House, but not a few yards away, on Bigby Street.
Secondly,  by way of warning, watch your trolley when parking on the eastern edge of the Lidl car park.
You may not realise there's a slope and could turn round to see your shopping heading off back towards the store entrance. 

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