Monday, December 08, 2014


Public rights of way and footpaths are the responsibility of North Lincolnshire Council, as well as local roads.
We understand some fencing is soon to be attended to along Clothes Hedge Footpath - marking the boundary between back gardens and the right of way used by dog-walkers and ramblers.
The path connects Yarborough Road with Churchill Avenue, where it connects with another public right of way over the fields to Wrawby. That branches out to emerge in the village at Tongs Farm (Brigg Road) and also Kettleby Lane, close to the boundary with West Lindsey.
For the benefit of new Brigg Blog viewers, Clothes Hedge footpath gained its name from an era before houses were built either side of it. Local housewives used to hang their washing out to dry there. Or so the story goes.

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Ken Harrison said...

Not quite, Nige....the houses down St Helen's Rd & et al..were built from circa 1920's to fairly recently..
The land was previously set out as allotments...and the track, now known as St. Helen's Rd was called Clothes H edge Lane..a name acquired from the practise of the workhouse residents (not housewives) hanging the workhouse laundry over hedges to dry....The CH Walk is a remnant of this.......