Thursday, December 04, 2014


Every few months the issue of traffic congestion on Grammar School Road, Brigg, gets mentioned by councillors, bringing the topic back into the public domain.
However, it is very much a daily problem for residents of this very long road  - and the many drivers who have to use the only access route to the Springbank housing estate.
We visited an address midway down Grammar School Road on Saturday night, went home and returned a couple of hours later.
Cars parked quite legally on Grammar School Road by motorists whose homes do not have drives mean there's really only room for one vehicle at a time to come up the slope towards the town centre or head down it to the estate.
There's a great deal of headlight flashing as courteous drivers signal to approaching vehicles that they are conceding the right of way.
The really bad times, of course, come when the Vale Academy and St Mary's RC School are about to open and close.
But we shouldn't be too critical of the councillors and officials decades ago who:
1) Built a housing estate with only one road in and out.
2) Sited two schools on the edge of the estate.
For relatively few council house dwellers on the Springbank Estate had cars 40 or 50 years ago - never mind two of three vehicles in the family. Similarly, very few parents back then took their children to school by car and picked them up in the evening.
A new relief road, running from Atherton Way, is now going through the planning process and will take school traffic away from Grammar School Road. This won't be a total network solution to traffic congestion but it will help. The solution is a new route into the Springbank estate from the A18 - joining Wrawby Road close to its junction with Churchill Avenue.

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Ken Harrison said...

We need to be planning a second road crossing of the Ancholme.
There's going to be substantial growth around Brigg - ie the South Bank Enterprise Zone....and together with the town's expected natural growth, Brigg & district will grow disproportionately with the effect of new-comers to the area....For example, as a new arrival, would you prefer to live in Grimsby, or around Brigg - each about equadistant from the proposed South Bank zone + Seimens.
Secondly, there should be some serous thought given to creating a new access to the M180 within Brigg......
We need to foresee what Brigg will need in 2040....and not be the reactive victim to the inevitable new infrastructure that will develop in the area of the next decade....