Saturday, December 06, 2014


Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin makes a good point about it being high time they improved the A15, which he suggests is not being included in new investment in "local routes" across the UK by the present Government.
Nic's constituency borders Brigg and includes a stretch of the A15 - still a very important and well-used road, but one with a record of serious and fatal accidents.
Many Brigg folk, like me, use the A15 often and once you head to Lincoln beyond the newer Broughton to Redbourne stretch you soon realise how testing  is to drive along, with frequent dips in the road, many side junctions, slow-moving lorries and  farm machinery. 
You are always glad to get as far as RAF Scampton and view Lincoln Cathedral in the distance!
Who remembers the campaign for the A15 link road 30-plus years ago? We got the M180 but there was no connection at Briggate Lodge, meaning many heavy trucks continued to   come through Brigg (pre-pedestrianisation scheme), Scawby and Hibaldstow.
Once the link road was installed, things became much better.
Today's A15 could do with being widened in places, so overtaking is easier and safer. And would it be possible to fill in some of those dips to keep the carriageway on the level? 
Some cynical pundits are suggesting the Government is looking to make road investment in marginal constituencies, ahead of next May's General Election. It's certainly a topic guaranteed to impress a good many voters.

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