Sunday, December 21, 2014


Public Question Time at Brigg Town Council's December meeting, in the Angel Suite, saw the CCTV system's effectiveness being raised by Ken Harrison - from the public gallery.
Ken asked how people knew whether CCTV was working at any time and suggested random checks. He said surveillance was needed day and night.
Deputy Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny said some members had visited the headquarters of North Lincolnshire Council's CCTV operation, and he thought it worked as well as it could do.
Coun Carl Sherwood said the CCTV was "checked regularly," while Coun Rob Waltham thought the area had the best technology money could buy.
Coun Mike Campion wondered whether CCTV images had proved of use over recent crimes in Brigg.
The meeting heard CCTV footage going back a month, or longer, could be viewed retrospectively - at any time.