Thursday, December 04, 2014


The future of Brigg police station and its front reception/inquiry office, which is open to the public, seem to have become something of a political issue.
Brigg Blog has no political agenda or affiliations and will merely present what we see as a balanced summing up of how things stand. We will begin by pointing out that for the vast majority of business, party politics play no part at Brigg Town Council, whose latest meeting produced a lively discussion under the heading Police Matters.
Coun Mike Campion, who is a Labour supporter, made reference to suggestions that current Brigg police officers will be moved and based in Ashby and Barton. "There's been concern this is going to happen," he said, adding it was very important to keep the reception desk at the Barnard Avenue station open to the public. He thought it would be ridiculous to have a police station people could not go to in times of need.
About 300 people in just a couple of hours had supported a Labour petition over the the need for a police station in Brigg, he pointed out.
Coun Rob Waltham, who is a cabinet member of the ruling Conservative group on North Lincolnshire Council and also chairman of the Brigg Neighbourhood Action Team which looks at crime and crime prevention, said it was important Brigg kept a police presence - and it would. Where officers signed on for duty was not a concern. Coun Waltham   thought the reception desk would remain.
Town Mayor Coun Edward Arnott said the Town Council should contact the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner to get that assurance. 
Coun Carl Sherwood - a member of the Conservative cabinet at North Lincolnshire authority - suggested no final decision on the policing issue would be made until January.
We will end by explaining why Police Matters appears on the monthly agenda for Brigg Town Council meetings.  It's a long time now since a representative of Brigg police attended such sessions and was available to answer councillors' questions face to face. Police used to attend  regularly for many years. Indeed, going back to the early 1980s, Chief Inspector Bill Horsfield was something of a permanent presence when he lived and worked in the town.