Thursday, July 06, 2017


A new Jurassic Sea and Steel Town gallery has opened at North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe and been welcomed by a Brigg councillor.
The Arts Council England has funded the new gallery as part of the Humber Museum Partnership project work.
Visitors will be able to explore life in the Jurassic period, when North Lincolnshire was under the sea, the Frodingham Ironstone was formed and Sea Dragons roamed.
Craft activities run every weekend and school holidays Monday to Saturday 10.30am until 3.30pm and Sundays 1.30pm until 3.30pm. Themed family trails are available 20p each, see what you can discover
On display will be a wide range of fossils from rocks in North Lincolnshire, including examples of world famous ammonites from the Frodingham Ironstone. Discover the bones from Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs, the large reptiles that roamed the Jurassic Sea.
Children can investigate the fossils in the Jurassic Sea gallery by delving into our discovery baskets and finding interesting things to explore them with. The gallery will also feature an interactive floor which will entertain the whole family and visually demonstrate aspects of the Jurassic period.
The new Steel Town gallery  looks at the history of the steel industry in Scunthorpe from 1858 to present day. The gallery will explore different themes such as the role of women in the steel industry, how working conditions have changed and the impact the steel industry has had in transforming Scunthorpe from a sleepy village to a large town.
Objects on display include, Gala Mugs which were presented every year to visitors who attended the annual galas held by the steelworks that used to run in Scunthorpe up until 2011. An Iron Ore Barrow which was used by steelworkers to carry heavy iron ore up steep inclines to charge the blast furnaces. Steel Casts such as plaques and various objects that were created directly from local steel to commemorate special events in the steelworks history.
Steel Town will appeal to all ages and include children’s activities as well as fascinating stories from past steelworkers. Young children can come along and explore, construct and create in our steel gallery. Filling, emptying and building with our under- fives resources.
Coun Carl Sherwood, from Brigg, pictured above, cabinet member for Community Wellbeing at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “The new gallery provides a real insight into the history of steel in Scunthorpe and the Jurassic period – two very different exhibitions but both fascinating. Visitors will be in for a treat as they will be taken back thousands of year’s right up until the start of the steel industry."


Ken Harrison said...

I would argue that the Jurassic period does not form part of the history discipline, it's a geological period....circa 200 to 150 million years ago.
It's the time of the dinosaurs and distinctive rock strata were being formed.
Part of the Jurassic period was the Kimmeridgeria era (circa 160 million years ago)...and it's on Kimmeridge shale that underlays Brigg's Market Place and which forms the half-mile, narrow ridge that protrudes into the mile wide Ancholme Valley...

Ken Harrison said...

......and least England and Wales, was not where it is was about 35 degrees north.....about level with present position of North Africa and the Med.
It was drifting northwards on a tectonic plate.....Scotland, at the same time, was off the coast of Greenland.....