Friday, July 07, 2017


North Lincolnshire Council is in the process of making a change in Brigg town centre relating to the general Saturday and Thursday markets and the monthly farmers' market.
Brigg was granted its charter early in the 13th century and the market has seen many changes in its time.
The stalls are currently stored in a  building on Cary Lane when not in use - pictured.
Planning permission to demolish this was given many months ago but not acted upon.
Brigg Blog has now sought an update and been told by a council spokesman that a new storage unit behind the Angel building is now in use and the one on Cary Lane "all but moved out of."
He added: "Property services will then look at when they can  proceed with demolition."
It is unusual for a building within the conservation area to be removed. But a council report at the time planning approval was sought suggested that the building had no merit. Nor can we recall any opposition to demolition.
Perhaps it will be worth recycling some of the bricks. There's a strong demand for them in restoration projects.
This happened when former farm buildins at Brigg Rec - being used for storage by the council - were taken down not that many years ago.

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Ken Harrison said...

Yep....The Brigg Market Charter was granted at the turn of the C13th....but King John's Pipe Rolls (records of taxes) indicate the the was a market ' on the bridge at Glanford', that started at least 25 years earlier.
King John was taxing markets as the country has been make bankrupt by his brother Richard (Richard the Lion Heart).
Both kings were vain and used taxes to boost their own income and vanity...
This was the main concerns of the Lord's who forced John in signing the Magna Carta....
.....and the Magna Carta, itself, was used in the American Declaration of Indepence....which has strange clauses, such as restrictions on salmon fishing in the Thames!