Saturday, July 08, 2017


A cider festival opened in Brigg yesterday - Friday, July 7.
But don't worry if you didn't make it last night - it will be continuing until July 23.
In the interests of journalistic research, Brigg Blog dropped in at the White Horse, on Wrawby Street, to try a few of the ciders on day one.
We will share our thoughts on the ones to try in a later post. Nice work if you can get it!
JD Wetherspoon's national public relations  spokesman, Eddie Gershon, says that cider lovers will be able to enjoy an unbeatable range of draught ciders from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during the 17-day festival.
The company's Blue Bell pub in Scunthorpe is also running an identical festival to the one in Brigg, if you happen to find yourself in the steel town and requiring refreshment.
Eddie says all the festival ciders are in the £2.29p to £3.05p range.


Ken Harrison said...

....doing research as a journalist, eh!.....sounds if you've become an in-cider....and you could become bitter and start to whine...spirits up, Nige....and see you return to your usual cordial self...Cheers!

Ken Harrison said...

.....some many years ago, I went for a drink at pub in Surrey.
There was a sign advertising their range of coders with what I thought were their prices....
After a couple of ciders the world started to twist and contort.....then I realised the 76...69..75 weren't their prices, but their strength!

Friends of the Brigg Line said...

Will publicize next week, when we get a train service again