Tuesday, July 18, 2017



Myself, Roy Coleman, and my partner, Stephanie Beadle, live in Wrawby.
On July 13th we spent a full day at the Queen Elizabeth School in Gainsborough teaching first year pupils (about 180 I guess over 6 lessons) Salsa dance as part of their "Spanish" day.
A teacher there, Victor Fortis, had contacted us to see if we were willing to provide a service as we provide salsa classes at the Heslam Park Rugby Club in Scunthorpe on a regular basis www.salsa4dancing.com
To avoid imposing a fee on the school, we offered to provide the service free of charge in exchange for a pupil collection as a donation to the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance Service.
A sum of £180 was raised which will be passed to the charity and we expect to receive a certificate to acknowledge that which in turn will lead to a photo session for the school for their internal press.
Teaching children and young adults to dance together forms the basis of a mutual respect for each other and provides a foundation to build on as they pass on to further education and adulthood and hopefully provide an alternative social outlet to the alcohol-related culture commonly seen nowadays.