Monday, January 16, 2017



Brigg rail line campaigner Paul Johnson took three pictures on Saturday  showing dog bins in close proximity on Station Road.
He  had read our recent post suggesting there's more dog mess about on Brigg paths and verges at present than there used to be - and should be!
"Incredibly, they are all within the first 250 yards," Paul says of the Station Road dog bins."
But he adds: "There are no rubbish bins on Station Road, despite a number of requests from our rail group."
Brigg Blog wouldn't criticise North Lincolnshire Council for providing so many dog bins in this location, knowing that the old railway station yard and nearby Holland Park are  very popular locations for dog-owners taking their pets on "walkies."
However, Paul makes a valid point about lack of rubbish bins to collect people's litter.
So perhaps the council will take the well-meaning rail campaigner's suggestiont onboard and install one or two without delay between its Hewson House offices and the railway station.
Or couldn't the doggie-do bins just have a sign affixed on the side saying  they can also be used for litter?
Dog mess and litter are not going to be recycled. So would it matter if they were deposited in the same bin?
A few sticker signs would not break the bank!
Read more about our railway station and passenger service by visiting Paul Johnson's Blog 

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