Saturday, January 28, 2017


Brigg will be holding a Holocaust Memorial Ceremony tomorrow (Sunday, January 29).
This is open to everyone and those attending are asked to assemble in the Courtyard Cafe on the ground floor of the Angel building, near the Market Place, by 4pm.
The ceremony will start at 4.15pm.
Brigg Town Council is also staging a Holocaust Memorial Exhibition in the Angel Suite's Rotunda near the rear car park. This closes on Monday (January 30).
Brigg has held Holocaust Memorial Ceremonies for many years. 
The picture above was taken in 2015 by Ken Harrison.


Ken Harrison said...

Unfortunately, the claims of revisionist historian, David Irving's claims the the Holocaust is a 'lie', or a 'hoax' is being used by extreme political groups.
In some countries, such as Germany, it is a clear criminal offence to deny the Holocaust; in the UK, we have the ambivalent laws surrounding hate speech.
The Holocaust has to be remembered as one of the worst episodes of what man can do to man in the false assertion that one race/ethnic group is superior/inferior to another.
With the recent dynamics in global politics, personally, I feel this grossly artificial claim is dangerously growing.

Ken Harrison said...

Just a the Holocaust event is a memorial service for Judism, out of respect, should not the men wear hats/caps and ladies have their heads covered?