Friday, November 18, 2016


There will be a last chance for former pupils of Westmoor, Glanford, Brigg Secondary and Vale of Ancholme Schools to visit their old classrooms on the evening of Friday, November 25, when an open evening is being held.
These are soon to be replaced by a "new build" to provide 21st century premises instead of the current 1950s variety.
However, given the narrowness and bottleneck nature of Grammar School Road, leading to Westmoor House where ex-pupils will need to go to meet up on the night, an appeal is being made to car-owning visitors by Vale Academy staff.
Martin North tells Brigg Blog: "Many thanks for your co-operation in advertising our open evening at the school. One thing I would like you to add is that due to the expected amount of visitors on the evening, we kindly request that if you can walk to the school, please do, as parking is limited. If we have to use the school field it is going to churn up."

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