Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This food sign and nearby skip connected to the refurbishment of business premises on the other side of Wrawby Street are doing a good job in slowing down drivers who have no just cause to take their vehicles into the so-called pedestrian area in Brigg town centre.
From time to time, Brigg Blog draws attention to the lack of action being taken against those motorists and cyclists who ignore the signs telling them they are about to enter a pedestrian zone.
It was introduced to remove traffic and make life more comfortable for shoppers who kindly patronise our local businesses.
Things seem to get worse during the colder months of the year when it seems some drivers just can't be bothered to find a FREE parking space and then walk a few yards to use a cashpoint or visit shops. 
However, at the weekend we observed that this sign and skip are at least making some drivers reduce their speed as they pass between them, which is a welcome development, if only a temporary one.
The other night, while strolling through the pedestrianised town centre, we were followed by a car for some distance - its driver being in a hurry to head off over the County Bridge.
This would have been in full view of one of the CCTV cameras. But we don't think for one minute that any action will follow.
Just think how many times you've been in Wrawby Street, or the Market Place, and had to make way for an approaching vehicle. 
A good many cyclists also fail to dismount and some of them travel through the pedestrian area at greater speed than the vehicles!
This sorry state of affairs will continue until the authorities decide to have a blitz and the offenders are made to stump up some hard cash. Come on, give it a go. Please!