Monday, November 21, 2016


It's now been some weeks since Brigg Blog flagged up the removal of a number of litter bins from our town centre.
We trust that they will all be back in place by the evening of Friday, December 2 when the town will see the year's biggest influx of people for the Christmas lights switch-on, festive fair and late night shopping.
The fastener minus its bin, pictured above, is on Wrawby Street. Below is a discarded fast food carton which was close by at the time. We can't assume that whoever dropped this litter would have used the bin if it had been available, but one ought to have been on offer to them.
Why  this bin, and others, have been removed remains a mystery. 


Friends of Brigg said...

One missing nr pelican crossing opposite Station Road

Ken Harrison said...

My theory, take or leave it, is that some bins are unfit for purpose in relationship to their siting.
For example, the pic shows the remnants of the plastic bin near the pizza place.....the bin may be ok for lightweight litter, but not for someone jamming in a 16" empty pizza box on a regular basis....the strain is too much.
I accept that a pole-mounted litter bin does not take up pavement space, but there may be a need for a more substantial and stronger bin.