Sunday, November 20, 2016


If you are heading for a Brigg pub tonight to enjoy a pint or three, bear this in mind...
According to the Campaign for Real Ale "the UK still pays the second highest rate of duty in Europe at 52.2p on the pint."
CAMRA is asking beer drinkers to write to their MP and ask him/her to back a freeze in beer duty in next Wednesday's Autumn Statement (sorry, we still regard it as the Mini-Budget).
The campaign has created a web page through which you can make your views known.
Access if through this link...
Andrew Percy MP is the Brigg & Goole MP.
CAMRA is also calling for a reduction in what it calls the burden of business rates on pubs.
The aims here are to help beer drinkers and help pubs to stay in business.
Thousands across the UK have called time for the last time in recent years.
In Brigg we've lost the Brocklesby Ox and the Ancholme Inn.

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Ken Harrison said...

One has to bear in mind that such secondary tax supports the NHS and other vital infrastructures in the UK.
Reducing tax on beer, petrol and VAT would mean that there would be a restribution of tax increases on other products/services.
Every economic action has a reaction.
It is a matter of priorities...does the UK want to reflect the low tax economy of the USA and,subsequently, have, for example, a private health insurance scheme?