Friday, November 18, 2016


It's some years now since the last case was heard at Brigg Courthouse (pictured above) and they moved everything to Scunthorpe.
Now - in this so-called era of increased "localism" - the powers-that-be are about to close the Scunthorpe Courthouse, on Laneham Street (pictured below) and hear all cases arising from North Lincolnshire, including Brigg, over in GRIMSBY, 23 miles distant.
Direct public transport links between Brigg and Grimsby are not first class, and certainly not on a par with those provided between Brigg and Scunthorpe (eg No 4 Hornsby buses).
Brigg Blog wants to make it clear that the courthouse change is a central government one - NOT something decided by North Lincolnshire Council.


Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court, County Court and Family Court will close on 22 December 2016.
As a result, from January 2017, North Lincolnshire Council court cases  – including council tax, business rates, family, non-school attendance, noise nuisance, trading standards, food hygiene and planning – will be dealt with at Grimsby Magistrates' Court Centre.
If you want to avoid going to court for non-payment of council tax or business rates, see below.
Going to Court can be a very stressful experience. There is no need to attend unless you dispute your liability for council tax or business rates and wish to state your case before the Magistrates.  If you believe you have a valid dispute, contact the council on 01724 297000 well before the Court hearing date, as this may save you and the Court a lot of time and inconvenience.
If you pay the full balance including the summons costs before the date of your hearing, all further proceedings will be stopped.  On the reverse of the Summons, we have set out a Payment Arrangement which allows you a further opportunity to pay your council tax and court costs by spreading the balance over a longer period of time.
The council is committed to providing alternative ways for you to access our services. Visit and select ‘Council Tax’ to find out how to make a payment, what happens if you don’t pay, and if you can’t afford to pay in full, there is an online Income and Expenditure form to complete to request a payment arrangement.  You can also apply for council tax reduction, exemptions and discounts such as single resident discount, and notify us any changes in your circumstances, such as moving property. 
If you do wish to attend Court to object to a Liability Order being applied, then you should get legal advice from a solicitor well before the date of the Hearing. 
You can also get free independent advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau either online at or by telephone on 01724 870941.

N.F ADDS: The Victorian courthouse and police station building, on Wrawby Street, Brigg, has now been tastefully converted to residential use (pictured here). The courthouse, where the magistrates used to sit to hear cases, was on the right. The police moved out in the late 1970s, having been given a new station on Barnard Avenue.


Ken Harrison said...

There use to be stocks in the Market you remember them Nige?
A new set could perhaps improve the historical ambience of the Market Place....

Paul said...

They will all have to be on a Saturday when the trains run