Saturday, September 24, 2016


We are very interested in the latest planning application lodged for Brigg as part of the extensive redevelopment of the Recreation Ground which is now well advanced to improve facilities for various sports and provide a new changing room block/pavilion.
Permission is now being sought by North Lincolnshire Council to erect "ball stop fencing" to the southern boundary of the ground,  along Wrawby Road.
The application submitted on the "planning portal" is accompanied by a photo of a similar metal fence already in use elsewhere.
We conclude that the intention is to stop footballs being kicked onto Wrawby Road while junior games are in progress on the grass pitch alongside the entry road to the Rec and Brigg Town FC.
This is what we know as the front hockey pitch, though its use for that purpose disappeared long ago.
What intrigues us is not the fence, which seems a very good idea. But the fact that such a structure has taken so long in coming.
We've played many games of hockey on that pitch and the gaps in the hawthorn hedge at this point meant hockey balls often found their way onto the very busy A18 on Wrawby Road.
The current football pitch is earmarked for U13 and U14, 11-a-side matches, we note from the plans.
The pitch dimensions are given as 82m x 50m.
It was certainly an expansive grass hockey pitch in "our day" - there being two smaller ones elsewhere at the Rec, either side of the cricket square.
One of these was full-sized but the one closest to the back gardens of homes on Wrawby Road was very narrow.
This meant that when we were still young and fit enough to operate on the right wing, you didn't have to cross the ball very far to find the waiting centre-forward!
Some great games were played out on the No 3 pitch by lower Brigg Men's Hockey Club teams.
We once spent all Saturday morning clearing snow - under the direction of skipper Keith Smith - only to lose the game that afternoon.
But we worked up a good thirst to be quenched later at the old Queen's Arms, on Wrawby Street. Happy days!
The proposed ball stop fencing's dimension are:
Height - 4000mm
Webbing / mesh - 2.5mm Polypropylene 
knotless mesh 100 x 100mm
Colour - Green RAL 6005
Accessories - Stainless steel tension wires

The picture above - looking from the Rec ground entry road towards the cemetery, shows the location of the planned new fencing, to run along the southern boundary of the sports field. We took it some months ago while sewage improvement work was being undertaken. Below is a view of the grass pitch now used for junior football matches but formerly the main hockey pitch.

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