Thursday, September 29, 2016



Brigg is fortunate to have three Town Council members who also hold high-ranking posts on the North Lincolnshire Council unitary authority.
Couns Carl Sherwood, Rob Waltham and Nigel Sherwood have taken to providing a written report of North Lincolnshire Council-related developments in Brigg.
This used to be delivered verbally, but the written version saves time at the Town Council's monthly meeting. Members of the Press in attendance get a copy on the night.
Six items were highlighted in the report presented to the September meeting, held on Monday evening in the Angel Suite, including improvements to the Almond Grove Park, known locally as the Donkey Field*** (pictured above).
"Work is to be carried out in the next few weeks to deliver some drainage solutions. The new play equipment will be installed soon after," the report says.
N.F. ADDS: This will be welcome news for the young residents of the Newlands estate, and others, who use the facility between Almond Grove and Atherton Way, close to the new Lidl store.


  • North Lincolnshire Full Council on Thursday 29 September (today) will consider a paper on devolution following an extensive consultaton of North Lincolnshire residents.
  • Funding has been secured from the government for the Brigg Neighbourhood Plan.
  • New bollards  (see picture below) have been installed throughout Brigg. Recent government guidance means that these now do not have to be illuminated.

Coun Waltham is deputy leader of North Lincolnshire Council, Coun Carl Sherwood is a cabinet member, while his brother Coun Nigel is chairman of the planning committee.
**** For the benefit of younger Brigg Blog followers and people who have moved to the town in recent years, we should explain that donkeys used to be kept in this area, long before the A18 was re-routed along Barnard Avenue and Atherton Way saw major industrial and educational additions.

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