Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Brigg Blog is devoting what newspaper industry veterans call a splash to this drainage problem, highlighted by a heavy thunderstorm on Saturday evening (July 25).
A splash is defined as a news story that's given a lot of attention in print, on TV/radio or online.
Pictured here is the flooded junction where Hawthorn Avenue meets East Parade, Central Square and West Square.
This may be a housing estate road but it is very well used, not only by people who live in this part of the town but also by others making their way to/from the Springbank estate and the fish & chip shop on Grammar School Road..
Cyclists also use this road, and ploughing their way through the surface water that accumulates here is no joke.
Pedestrians also risk a soaking if they are on adjoining footpaths while vehicles are passing through the standing water.
We gather that flooding after heavy rain is a long-standing issue at this spot.
So we offered to draw it to the attention of the powers-that-be, with the hope that remedial work will follow in the not too distant future.
Coun Rob Waltham, the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council (our local highway authority), knows this part of the town particularly well. He grew up in one of the houses nearby on Hawthorn Avenue.