Friday, July 31, 2020


Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee has now considered two applications which involve changes being made to properties.
The authority held a 'virtual' online session, using Zoom, on Monday evening (July 27) under the chairmanship of Coun Brian Parker, the Deputy Town Mayor.
The committee considered a planning application to convert 4 flats into 2 dwellings, replace front porch & demolish an existing conservatory at Manton House, Flat 1, Bridge Street (pictured above).  

There were no objections to that proposal, nor to plans to erect two-storey and single-storey extensions at 1 Glanford Road.
A question was asked about possible landscaping at the front of the Manton House.
The committee's views have been forwarded to North Lincolnshire Council which makes final decisions on all local applications.