Monday, December 03, 2018


Brigg people with an interest in gardening are being advised to sign up for home composting.
In their monthly report on North Lincolnshire Council developments, Coun Rob Waltham and Couns Carl and Nigel Sherwood, told Brigg Town Council: "Residents in North Lincolnshire are being encouraged to take up home composting to help reduce the amount of waste they produce and recycle more.
"Composting at home is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It’s easy to make and easy to use. NLC has partnered with 'Get Composting' and residents can now buy discounted compost bins for as little as £17.98."
Brigg Blog followed that up after the meeting in the Angel Suite by requesting further details from North Lincolnshire Council, including how to apply for one of the bins.
Here's the detailed reply...
Did you know, composting at home for just one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 your kettle produces yearly or your washing machine produces in three months?
Home composting is simple to do and once you get started, you will be surprised at just how much daily household waste can be recycled. It also has the added benefit of producing a free supply of top quality compost which has a range if uses including as a soil improver, mulch or plant feed and helps you garden retain moisture.
For more details on home composting, including what can go into your composter, go to:
If you don’t already have a compost bin, take advantage of the great offer from Get Composting in partnership with the council. Residents can buy a discounted compost bin from as little at £17.98 and there is a buy one get one half price offer so you can get a second from just £8.99. As well as compost bins you’ll find food waste digesters and hot composters, allowing you to compost all of your household food waste.
Visit to buy your composting bin or call 0844 571 4444.
Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for commercial, said: “More than 30 per cent of the average household waste can be composted and although many households already compost at home, we want others to get involved. There isn’t a better time to get started.  Home composting is a natural form of recycling garden and kitchen waste at a small cost. It can also make a big difference to the environment by increasing the amount of waste being recycled.”

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