Monday, May 15, 2017


Brigg Blog was very interested yesterday to see pictures posted on Facebook by Yarborough Hunt landlady Lucy Fensome from the roof of the world.
She has reached base camp on Mount Everest to raise money for charity.
Lucy is expected back behind the bar at our Bridge Street hostelry a week from now.
Have a safe trip back to the UK.
Then she can continue making plans for Brigg Bike Night 2017 in early July, which she is organising.


Ken Harrison said...

Lucy features in the next issue of Brigg Matters...summer edition.
As for the song, 'Lucy in the Sky...with Dimonds'...wasn't it the backing track of the Beatles 'When I'm 64'?
I recall, I was in shorts...getting my knees brown in Aden when the British troops were withdrawing from the colony in 1967.
I was then posted to RAF Shajah near Dubia, when Dubia was little more than a rustic Arab port in a creek..famous for gold smuggling..they had just discovered oil off the coast.
The only normal communication we had with home and the world, at large, were air mail letters, newspapers several days old and listening to the World Service on our transistor radios (trannies), which incidently, we could by at the local suque for one dinar (11d) or less than 5p.
Song like, 'Lucy in the Sky...with Diamonds'kept us sane under the blazing desert Sun...very little air con in those days!
(the initials LSD was at the time alleged to be a vague reference to the Beatles experimentation with drugs...)

Ken Harrison said...

Dubai...Dubai..must lern too spel it property!!