Saturday, May 27, 2017


This picture shows a sizeable turnout by the general public at the annual meeting of Brigg Town Council in the Angel Suite.
We took the picture from the Press table.  You can see councillors in the foreground and members of the public occupying rows of seats set out beyond.
Only a handful of people usually visit the public gallery during monthly meetings of the council.
But this was different; one Town Mayor was retiring and a new one taking her place. Cheques to charities were also being handed over, with representatives present.
Friends and family members supported Coun Eardley and Coun Riggall - respective first citizens for 2016/17 and 2017/18.
Angel Suite manager Karen Deeley served tasty refreshments. And they were much appreciated.
Coun Eardley, during her final minutes as Mayor, presented 'thank you' gifts to people who helped and supported her while in office, including our friend Ken, the Brigg Matters Magazine photographer who found himself infront of the camera for a change.
There were a good many gifts bestowed and we've included just a selection here, together with shots of some of the 'main players' on the night and the social get-together that followed.
Earlier, in the annual meeting, Coun Mike Campion had called for better support of civic events during the year.
He made particular reference to the annual civic dinner, suggesting that more councillors should attend.
Brigg Blog hopes that when the next dinner comes around in March 2018, steps will be taken to ensure the council function is not on the same night as the annual dinner of the Briggensians' Association.
These always seem to clash, meaning that Brigg folk who would like to attend both cannot do so.

Coun Eardley thanking Ken Harrison for catching the highlights of her mayoral year on camera
Thanking the Mayor's Chaplain, Father Owain Mitchell, Vicar of Brigg
Flowers for Alison Hannath, Acting Town Clerk of Brigg
Coun Eardley installs Coun Sharon Riggall as Brigg Town Mayor for the next 12 months
New Town Mayor Coun Riggall and Deputy Town Mayor Coun Donald Campbell with their chains of office

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