Tuesday, May 09, 2017


There's an interesting exhibition on at Brigg Heritage Centre  - in the Angel building - about the origins of some of  the town's street names. It's well worth a look.
We were in Brigg & District Servicemen's Club on Friday night when a couple of long-standing town residents called us over to view an old beer bottle, made from clear glass, which carried the inscription Ancholme Yard.
"Where was this, exactly?" was the question.
We had to say we didn't have an answer but said we'd check with Josie Webb, who knows a great deal about Brigg's history.
Josie later told us: "Ancholme Yard is now renamed Ancholme Court. It is at the foot of the bridge.
"There was a pub in that yard in the early 1800s called the Ship Inn; the landlord, Mr Pinkess, was also a clock-maker."
Sadly, we didn't think to take a picture of the historic bottle - a notable survivor. We are blaming this oversight on the fact that we'd had a few beers by then. But from the pump, not the bottle!

PICTURED: A display board from the current Brigg street name exhibition at the Heritage Centre.

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