Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Last October an ambitious plan to provide 40 much-needed new homes on vacant land in Brigg was revealed.
It was put out for public consultation until January and no real objections were lodged.
But months further down the line there's still no green light for the scheme to put apartments on land next to the railway station, the applicant being North Lincolnshire Council through its own estates department.
Month by month, Brigg Blog asks whether a decision is imminent and has yet to be given a reason why it is taking so long.
Over the coming week we will be seeking to raise the issue again. 
Hopefully for the final time.

UPDATE AT 1pm: A council spokeswoman told Brigg Blog - "This planning application will be going to planning committee for a decision. A date hasn't been set for this yet, but it's looking like it could be July. We cannot confirm a date at this stage though."


Ken Harrison said...

Whether, individually, we welcome, or not, the annual horse fair in Brigg - the Council must be the master of its own destiny.
Station Rd has, over recent years, become the site of this August event....and unless an acceptable, alternative site is allocated to the travellers' community, it is evidently predictable that they will find their own site in Brigg.
The Council needs to be proactive in this respect.

Ken Harrison said...

Ps...I have avoided using the term, Brigg Fair....there is factual evidence in tax rolls of King John that there was were annual fairs and regularl markets in Brigg (the bridge at Glanford) as early, if not earlier, as about 1080ish......the travellers' so-called, 'Horse Fair' attached itself to Brigg Fair circa 1890.
However, while the historic Brigg Fair has dwindled over post-war years, the horse-trading and attached events of the travellers has become the most important aspect of early August and has imposed itself on the Brigg Fair day.
NB However, to be pedantically accurate, Brigg Fair has more often been held on 25th July than early August.
As it was very common in long-ago days, fairs were formally held on saints day...
So for about 600 years, BF was held on the Feast of St James - 25th 7. and while the Feast of St James still remains 25/7, the BF has allocated itself 12 DAYS later when Britain accepted the Gregorian over the Julian Calendar..about 200 years ago.
(other countries accepted it earlier, while some Christain groups still use the Julian calandar)
(End of local and national history lesson)