Thursday, May 18, 2017


There will be a very colourful and traditional spectactor event to enjoy in Brigg town centre on Saturday, May 20.
Why not go along and take a look at the Blessing of the Pumps?
They are located on Bridge Street, near the County Bridge, and beside Wetherspoon's White Horse pub, on Grammar School Road South.
Brigg Town Business Partnership running order for Pump Blessing  
BTBP proudly presents:
10am – 10.30 at the Bandstand – Stark Raving Buskers
10.30 – 10.55  at the Bandstand – Green Ginger Garland folk dancing
10.30 – 10.55 outside Boots – The Tatterfoals folk dancing.
10.30 – 10.55 Coney Court – Beverley Garland folk dancing.
10.55 to 11.25 at the Bandstand – The stark Raving Buskers.
11.00 – 11.20  At The White Horse - The Tatterfoals folk dancing.
11.00 – 11.20  Chapel Court -  Green Ginger Garland folk dancing.
11.00 – 11.20   Beverley Garland – outside Boots
11.25 all dance teams parade to Boots and line up 1st the Mayor etc, 2nd Tatterfoals, 3rd Brownies/Rainbows, 4th Beverley Garland, 5th Green Ginger.
11.30 Parade to the first pump outside the Nelthorpe Pub via the Marketplace.
11.40 At the first pump the Tatterfoals will dance once. Then the Brownies will sing a song and then half the group will place flowers onto the pump. The pump will then be blessed.
11.55-ish the parade in order 1st the mayor etc, 2nd Beverley Garland, 3rd Brownies/Rainbows, 4th Tatterfoals, 5th Green Ginger Garland
12.05-ish the parade stops in the Market Place to allow Beverley Garland one dance. After the dance the parade continues in the same order to the second pump next to the White Horse.
12. 15 – 1.10 At the Bandstand, the Stark Raving Buskers.
12.15 At the White Horse Green Ginger Garland will dance once. Then the Brownies will sing their song and present the rest of their flowers with the Rainbows to the pump. The pump will be blessed. Malcolm the Chair of BTBP will say a few words and the dance groups will parade to their next dance spot. The Brownies/Rainbows will receive their goody bags courtesy of the Deli Diner.
12.45 Chapel Court – Tatterfoals dancing.
12.45 Coney Court – Beverley Garland dancing.
12.45 White Horse – Green Ginger Garland
1.25pm at the Bandstand – The Tatterfoals, Green Ginger Garland & Beverley Garland with the final celebration dances.

BTBP has extended its thanks to the Tatterfoals, Beverley Garland, Green Ginger Garland, The Stark Raving Buskers, Brigg & District Flower Society for the dressing of the two pumps, Brigg Brownies & Rainbows, the Mayor of Brigg, Ann Eardley, the Reverend Ian H Wales, Brigg Rotary Club, Brigg LIVES First Responders, Brown & Co, the Deli & Diner for supplying the goody bags. 
And finally to  Tesco, which has provided the flowers, supported by Molly’s Flowers, of the Market Place. 
Sponsorship has come from Brigg NISA Shop customers, Wetherspoon’s White Horse and Guy Whitney Designer Goldsmith in Brigg. 

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