Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Humberside Police are warning Brigg children to keep well away from the demolition of old school buildings on  Redcombe Lane.
Inspector Tim Harvey said: “We’ve been working closely with Vale Academy and the contractor carrying out the demolition of the old school site to warn young people about the danger they are putting themselves in by breaking in.
“We’ve actively removed a number of children from the building following reports of groups breaking in and causing damage – smashing windows and lighting fires – and we have spoken to them and their parents about the potential consequences of their actions.
“Teachers at the Vale Academy have also spoken directly to the children at the school about the risks posed by getting into derelict buildings and additional security measures have been installed, from CCTV and additional fencing to regular patrols by security guards.
“However, I would also appeal to parents to do their bit. Please make sure you know where your children are and speak to them about making sure they don’t put themselves at needless risk when they are out with friends.
“Partially demolished and derelict buildings are not safe. They are full of hidden dangers, from weak roofs and broken glass to unstable walls. It’s not being over dramatic to say that by going into the site they are putting their lives on the line. It’s very easy to become trapped and if someone has also started a fire, the consequences could be horrendous.
“I would also urge anyone with information about people getting into the site to contact us and let us know. Just call 101, speak to the community policing team, or – if you believe someone is immediate danger – call 999.”
Brigg Blog was contacted by a very concerned resident who said: "The site is secured by locked gates and a high fence for a reason. Under the circumstances, and with respect, do parents know where their kids are?  
"Dissuading potential trespassers from exploring the site could potentially save someone being seriously injured, or ultimately being kid by some misplace notion of adventure."